spring fashion and a white mystery

Today my new Next catalogue arrived. Woohoo very exciting, I love my Next catalogue.
I made myself a coffee and sat down for a good hour going back and forth between all the outfits I liked, marking all the pages that had trousers, tops, cardigans and more on that I like/want and then went through it all again. Tell me I'm not the only one doing this.
It's full of lovely spring fashion in gorgeous colours. I can't wait for the weather to get a bit warmer.
My eye immediately fell on this top
Isn't it nice, and they have it in two different colours!!!
Now comes the big decision....do I get it in navy or mink???

On another note, have you ever found something in your house and then be mystified to where it came from or what it belongs to?
I did today.

I was in the kitchen and there was this small white button thing on the floor????
I've checked all the appliances etc and no white button thingy is missing anywhere.
In the man drawer it went.
Now, a lot of random things go in our man drawer. Originally it was Simon's drawer, you know for all his man stuff (batteries, small tools, paperwork, chargers,...), but as you can see it's more a junk drawer now (and in need of a SERIOUS clear out).

I hope we don't lose you in there little mysterious object, maybe one day soon we'll find out where you came from.

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Christine said...

haha, oh my goodness, "the man drawer" gave me a chuchkle :). We definitely have one of those too.