Some pretties around the house

I'm in a real remodelling mood at the moment!
I just can't seem to help myself these days but I'm constantly looking at ways to beautify my home.
I've got big plans for both kids rooms, which will be be a bit of a long time project but in the mean time I'm perfectly happy adding little accents here and there.

Last week I went shopping and I really wasn't expecting to pick up anything more than some cat food and craft supplies. Imagine my surprise when I came across the most beautiful flower lights garland. I just had to have it! It looks really beautiful in the bedroom and gives a soft warm glow. Emily loves it too and sneaks into my room after we've put her to bed, her excuse for this is bad dreams, but we know it's because of the flower lights. I should really buy her one of these too.

We've had those three little perfume bottles for years. They used to live in the bedroom but then the colour scheme changed and they were moved downstairs for a awhile before ending up in the hallway.
A couple of days ago my husband moved them into the bathroom and I think they look really sweet there.

I bought those pretty roses last week and they have been brightening up our living room ever since.
I do love having fresh flowers around.

The bunny ring holder is another gem from the flower lights shop. That shop keeps amazing me!
(Family Bargains in case you were wondering)
I think I actually did a little dance when I saw these.
I have got two of them, a birdie one and this cute bunny.
This little guy lives in Emily's room and is perfect for holding her earrings which were previously being left all over her room and getting lost.
Too sweet.

Can't wait to find and add more little treasures!

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