A busy weekend

Happy Monday everyone!
The kids are back at school and life is back to normal. I have to say, the half term has just flown by.
We've been really busy, so busy even that yesterday evening I HAD to go to bed at 9, I just couldn't stay awake any longer.
I told my boss this morning I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend (and half term) but he didn't seem convinced enough to let me have two days off, haha.

So last week the kids went on a computer / minecraft course which they both absolutely loved.
Emily was crying when she had to come meet us for lunch on the second day. My dad and brother had travelled over from Belgium for the day so we thought it would be fun the pick the kids up during their break to have lunch with us...little miss got very upset she had to leave, such a drama queen!
Both her and Dylan then wolfed down their lunch so they could rush back. Never seen two kids so enthusiastic to go and learn!

I'm so glad the weather stayed dry for half term, and not only that...the sun came out as well!
No way was I going to let the kids sit inside in front of the TV.

Saturday we went to town to do some quick shopping. I also promised the kids to take them to their favourite play park near the beach.
It's a bit of a treat for them if we go there on the cliff lift. They LOVE it!

It takes us straight to the park entrance and then they just run all the way to get to the actual play park.

It's so beautiful out there and some of the views are spectacular.

Emily quickly made some new friends and played pirates while Dylan went straight for the zip wire.

They had so much fun!
When they were ready to go back home we took them back the beach way, it's always fun to throw pebbles into the water.

No surprise when I say Dylan got wet feet. He somehow always ends up getting wet when we're on the beach! 

Sunday we met up with family and after we went to the country park.
The kids ran straight to the little play park where Dylan dominated the roundabout and Emily the swings.
We then continued on for a walk around the lake in search for the ducks. 
On of the kids favourite things to do is race sticks down the waterfall. Such a fun game.

The rest of the day was spent at my brother in law's where we had an amazing Sunday roast dinner.
Tired we got home, bathed the kids, put them to bed and then fell asleep on the sofa at 8.
See, I do need a weekend to recover!

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