Random Monday thoughts

I can't believe it's Monday already, this weekend has flown by!
We haven't done much at all but Monday always seems to come too early don't you think!
Anyway, i just thought I would treat you to some random thoughts.

About twenty minutes ago I send the kids up to brush their teeth, they somehow got distracted and started playing with their furbies. 
About 10 minutes ago the kids left to go on a Minecraft course with dad.
The furbies are still chattering away and one of them has a really evil laugh! I wonder if they will ever stop.
If your child has a furby you will probably know how annoying they can get and how I must be feeling right now.

Did anyone watch the Bafta's last night? I really enjoyed it. Great movies, great stars and some great speeches. So pleased Frozen won best animated movie, that one is definitely a favourite in our house. Really want to watch American hustler and 12 years a slave now. We've seen Gravity and it really does deserve all the awards it got.

Yesterday my dad sent me an email with photo's from when I was little. I hadn't seen some of these in forever and they all brought back great memories, like this one for instance.

 Before blowing the candles on my cake I rushed to my room to change into my ballet outfit because I wanted to show my grandma my dance moves and ballet poses. The cake had to wait!
I do love old photo's like that!

My kids have gone on a Minecraft course today, not sure what it is but I imagine it will be learning how to do some programming. I wonder how long before they get bored.

I haven't watered the house plants in over a week, better do that some time today!

The H&M kids catalogue came through the letterbox this weekend and oh boy do I want to order some stuff from it!! They have the most adorable dresses, tops and leggings.  I really need to update Emily's wardrobe, she has outgrown all her summer clothes and I definitely have my eyes on some of them! 

I need to go to work now, better hurry up or I'll be late!

Those two furbies are still making noise by the way.

Aaaaaand I'm back! I only worked for a couple of hours today which is nice since it's half term and the kids are home from school. The are not back yet from the Minecraft course, which means some peace and quiet for me. I can use it after having Emily home sick all of last week. Think I will boil the kettle and put my feet up in a minute. Heaven.

I'm eating left over apple strudel for lunch. Healthy, I know! I really need to go shopping as we are out of bread, hence the strudel.

I'm in this mood again where I want to completely change and update our home interior. It seems I get like  this every time the seasons change! I'd love new curtains, bedding, furniture, decorations, new paint on the walls and so on! I'm not the only one who gets like this right??

Anyway, the kettle has boiled so I'm off to have a cup of coffee.
Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

No, you're not the only one who wants to change / update the house interior to reflect the change in seasons…!!
Good luck and enjoy :-)

Unknown said...

"Lovely Memories" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.