Giveaway: Simple skin care gift set

With Mothers day just around the corner I decided to throw a little giveaway.
I came across this lovely Simple skin care gift set and thought it was perfect.
This gift set includes the Simple hydrating light moisturiser and the Simple cleansing facial wipes and the great thing is that it comes with a very pretty bag. In my books anything that comes with a bag is just amazing!
I know any mum would be delighted to get this...or you could just keep it for yourself...tempting.

This giveaway will end Wednesday 26th March.
Good luck!

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Unknown said...

Some chocolates and a little lie in.

Unknown said...

This year, it'll be feeling my baby wriggling in my belly, next year it'll be snuggles in bed with my husband and our first child xxx

Natalie Crossan said...

This looks absolutely adorable, would love to win :) xx

mellysocks said...

A pizza hut takeaway,a box of chocolates and peace and quiet. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much and the bag is really beautiful.