Easy Easter cupcakes recipe

On Saturday Emily had a friend over and we decided to do some baking.
I don't know about you but I have always loved baking with my kids, I think it stems back from when I was a little girl, sitting on the counter top and helping my mum stirring and adding ingredients whenever she was baking something delicious.
Emily decided on making some cupcakes and that's exactly what we did.
The girls favourite part was decorating them of course, all while munching on mini eggs and giant buttons.

These cupcakes are so quick and easy to make, the girls did most of it themselves!
To make these at your house all you need is

110g softened butter
110g caster sugar
110g self raising flour
2 eggs
tsp of vanilla extract 

Preheat your oven to 180C
Add the sugar and butter to a bowl and beat until pale and fluffy.
Add the flour, eggs, salt and vanilla and beat together.
Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases and bake for about 20 minutes.
Cool on a wire rack before decorating.

For the butter icing

100g softened butter
225g icing sugar
a spoon of water
drop of yellow food colouring
Cadbury's mini eggs
chocolate buttons

Beat the butter until creamy. Gradually beat in the icing sugar, water and food colouring.
Use a piping bag to pipe the butter cream onto the cupcakes and decorate with mini eggs and chocolate buttons.

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