I don't want to go!

I know, I know...I haven't been around much lately.
It's been a crazy two weeks.
We have decided to move.

Not necessarily a decision I am happy with.
I mean who likes to move anyway?
I'm so not looking forward to packing up boxes, messing up the house,
deciding what to keep or ditch, clean the whole mess up afterwards and then do the
reverse in the new house.
But the thing I hate most about this move is
leaving my dear friends.

What am I going to do without my girlies!!!
No more coffee mornings on a Tuesday, no more walking to school
together, no more laughs and giggles, no more shopping trips,
no cakes or dinners at my house, no more fun evenings out,
no babysitters nearby if I need one and no more nagging about our husbands.

Today one of my friends gave me the sweetest card and five chocolate bunnies

Think I will go and eat one now and sulk in a corner for a bit :(

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Amy said...

Aw Daisy, hoping this move is as easy as possible for you. So sorry to hear that you'll be leaving friends behind, but knowing your bubbly and friendly personality, you'll be picking up new girl friends in no time!