This little family of mine...

Yes, that is you I'm referring to!
you are beautiful!
Yesterday I co-hosted the GFC blog hop and I am so grateful to welcome
loads of new followers (if you haven't already
added yourself to the hop scroll down and go do that now, there is still time).
So, I figured today would be perfect to introduce my little family to all
you lovely people.
Well here I am
I'm Daisy, I was born in Belgium but am now living in England.
How did I get to live here?
Because of him
 That's my husband Simon.
We met in France while we were both in the navy. Him being in the Royal Navy,
me in the Belgian navy.
 Yes, I really was in the navy....I also used to wear shorts!
So there I was in France, having some drinks with a few friends in a cafe,
when all of a sudden this guy picked up my (silver) jacket and ran out.
Of course I ran straight after him shouting like a crazy lady.
Turned out that was my husband to be....
You see the cafe had these lovely menu's that were printed on sails of a ship
and he wanted one as a souvenir. My jacket seemed like the perfect disguise to smuggle
one out according to him.
The rest is history.
Yes, I ended up marrying a jacket stealing, menu stealing Englishman!
So a few years went by and the cutest little baby boy was born.
Meet Dylan.
He's the most amazing little boy. He's so full of energy and has got the kindest heart ever.
He loves his bike, Lego, maths, his Wii and even though he's eight now he still loves
his teddy Rex.
When he was two he became a big brother
to Emily
She is a little madam and has a very strong personality.
No one will ever need to tell her who is is or what she needs to do (which does
make parenting challenging sometimes for me)
She's very clever, artistic, loves books all things girly and sweet.
Together we make up this family
Gosh, how much have we changed in just one year!!!!
Want to know 25 random facts about me?
You can read them all here
So now that you know me a bit better I really hope you will stick around!
Thanks so much to each and every one of you.
Let's become great friends OK.


The Thriftiness Miss said...

You have a very beautiful family :) and I love your wedding photo! That dress is gorgeous!

Kimberly said...

Cute story of how you met.

Unknown said...

So glad to have found your blog through the hop! :) I'm your newest follower<3
I really enjoyed reading this post. Your family is absolutely beautiful!

& I love the story of how you met your husband, I can imagine the reactions you'd get from others when telling that story! I just love it! :) look forward to reading more from you!

Amy said...

I love the baby pics of your kiddos! So cute :) And the story of how you two met is just too funny. What a special story!

Unknown said...

You have an adorable family. I love your story of how you met, definitely one to tell!! You are just gorgeous!

momto8 said...

fun stores!! you have a beautiful family.

Arwa said...

What a lovely blog, your kids are so cute I had to follow!
Hope you visit mine xoxo

Arwa ♥

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

love your story! So glad I happened upon you thanks to the blog hop!