It's Friday, let's party!

Oh a party, how I wish I could go to one tonight,
or even better throw one myself!
One of those happy parties, thrown for no specific reason other than
to have fun and catch up with friends.
Let's have one shall we!

First, put on an outfit suitable for a garden party,
I'm wearing this tonight.

You like?
 Follow me into the garden,
as you can see I have it all set up, just for you.
Not bad eh!
Now I know you are thirsty so why don't you grab yourself some drinks.

Don't they look goooood! Took me all afternoon to prepare
you know, so drink up.

Hungry for a snack?
Try some of these

what about some cakes, come one...I know you want some!
Now these are my little masterpieces...had me up all night making them so
you better enjoy!

Oh look, it's getting darker I'll turn on some garden lights

and I'll reveal the evening entertainment plan
Looks cosy doesn't it, I'm so glad I have the perfect tree in my garden to hang
those lanterns from.

And let me just show you another corner in my garden, incase a movie isn't your thing

Tadaaa, just for you! I'm sure you will enjoy.

Getting  a bit chilly, well let's sit around the fire pit table
Oh isn't this heavenly.
You know what, I'm starting to get a bit sleepy...guess I'm all partied out.
Time for you to go home now.
Thanks so much for coming.
Your place next week OK!

all images can be found on my Pinterest

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ninety nine part two

Hello hello...
Remember last week when I did this post?
Well, it's finally time to continue with it.
So I did question 1 up to 47
so on to

48. Gone deep sea fishing
Nope, not really very interested in fishing to be honest

49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
I would love to go and visit this, hopefully sometime soon.

50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Yep yepidi yep. A long time ago though and I was more interested
in the holograms at the top than the view.

51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
I LOOOOOOOVE snorkeling. We did this quite often while living in Gibraltar.
I find it really relaxing looking at all the fish and the underwater world.
 It's like a little escape from reality.

52. Kissed in the rain
At some point we might have done that

53. Played in the mud
My favorite activity when I was a toddler! I used to find a big muddy puddle,
take my welly boots off and just splash around in it.

54. Gone to a drive in theater
No, we don't really have a lot of them here in the UK

55. Been in a movie
Only home movies! :)

56. Visited the Great Wall of China
On my list of things to see!

57. Started a business
A couple of years ago I had a little business selling polymer clay sculptures on a
UK craft site. I sold quite a few, especially christmas angels.

58. Taken a martial arts class
karate, I only went for about five lessons

59. Visited Russia
I've been to Latvia, Estonia and the Ukraine.

60. Served at a soup kitchen
No, I haven't done this

61. Sold Girl Scout cookies
Oh how I wish we had girl scout cookies here! They look scrummy.

62. Gone whale watching
While I was in the navy we saw a whale in the distance.
I was really spectacular to watch.

63. Got flowers for no reason
Ahhh, yes....it's been a while though.
Simon, if you read this... you know I love flowers.

64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma
No, it scares me.

65. Gone sky diving
Never will, fear of heights so jumping out of a plane doesn't appeal to me,

66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
Another school trip. We visisted Dachau.
I found it very depressing.

67. Bounced a check
Whoops, sorry!

68. Flown in a helicopter
I won a helicopter ride in the school raffle. The flight only
lasted about 15 minutes but I loved it! We even flew over our house.

69. Saved a favorite childhood toy
Barbie, she now belongs to emily.

70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
No I haven't
71. Eaten caviar
As I child I loved how it popped in my mouth, then I grew older and
realised what it was, blah!

72. Pieced a quilt
I'm not very handy with a needle.

73. Stood in Times Square
Oh how I wish! Soon soon soon I hope!!

74. Toured the Everglades
Another soon soon soon I hope!

75. Been fired from a job
Glad to say I haven't!

76. Seen the changing of the guards in London
Yep, a few times now.

77. Broken a bone
No....I hear it's painful!

78. Been a passenger on a motor cycle

79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
I'll say it again
soon soon soon I hope!

80. Published a book
I would love to do this, have to come up with a good idea first.

81. Visited the Vatican
No and I don't really have the desire to.

82. Bought a brand new car
Last september.

83. Walked in Jerusalem

84. Had your picture in the newspaper
Had to think a while about this...if I ever have I can't remember.

85. Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year's Eve
Oh yes, one new years eve I was at a club and at midnight
everybody kissed eachother happy new year.

86. Visited the white house
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
Happy to say no, don't like killing animals.

88. Had chickenpox
As a young child, I remember all I did was play with my barbie's
and enjoy the time off school.

89. Saved someone's live
Not by myself, it was a team effort. We were in london with the ship
 (I was in the navy at the time)
and a lady had jumped of the London bridge, Somehow she'd ended up
between our ship and another one, so the alarm was sounded and we managed to get
her out of the water and on board the ship. She was not happy

90. Sat on a jury

91. Met someone famous
 I once had a chat with George Clooney
at Madamme Tussauds ;)

92. Joined a book club
At school

93. Got a tattoo
Haven't...and won't.

94. Had a baby
Two of them
Dylan with emily
95. Seen the Alamo in person

96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake

97. Been involved in a law suit
Again, no.

98. Owned a cell phone
hmmm, yessssss.

99. Been stung by a bee
Yes and I remember it well. I was about six and my neighbour asked
if I could catch one for him. I did and for some reason the bee didn't agree.

Well there you go lovely peeps!
99 facts all done.
Would love to see yours, let me know if you do.





Coffee morning at my house, you are invited!!

Let's pretend we are all sitting in my living room,
having some coffee (or whatever else you'd like).
What would we say to each other?

Here's what I would say

I am so proud of my kiddies.I felt really guilty when we moved and took them out of
school and away from their friends. They have settled so well into their new
school, have started making new friends and the teachers are very pleased with
them. Their school work is just brilliant and they couldn't make me any
prouder even if they tried.

I would let you know about my husband. How strong he is and how
proud I am, even if he is getting on my nerves (a bit) at the moment! Haha.
I would show you a photo of the wendy house he build for the kids, all by himself!
Shoot, who needs a photo if you are in my living room, we'd go out into the garden and I'd show you,
I'd probably even make you go in it :)

I would tell you that I might have a new job soon! I went
and registered with and agency and they were very interested in my language
skills. Even though I feel excited about possibly going back to work soon, I feel scared.

I would probably swoon about foreign countries and holidays.
Everyone seems to be going somewhere exciting and warm and I'm just
stuck here. I want to go on a beach holiday and soak up the sun, drink cocktails at night
and just relax for a bit.

By now we'd probably be eating some cake as well

Looks good no?!
But on to the conversation...

I would tell you I am getting a bit fed up with my hair. I'm thinking
of having a restyle....maybe a fringe cut? Seems to be the rage these days.
Maybe I should just get some new curling thongs, but then I am so not handy
using them, at all!

We'd probably chat about stuff on the TV. One of the shows I love
at the moment is called "Revenge". Anyone else watching it?
Oh, and while we are on the subject books would come up as well.
I'm reading the second 50 shades at the moment, I would then show you a
previous post I did on Mr Grey

I would talk to you about my crazy friends and how I miss them.
Can't wait to meet up with them again soon. I feel I am
really missing out on all the juicy gossip.

I would tell you I need to get back onto that treadmill.

I'd possibly show you around my house (future post idea!)

When you have finished all the coffee and cake I would thank you for coming
and ask when we can do this again.

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Why am I blowing kisses?

Yep, that's me blowing kisses.
Why you might ask.
Last week the lovely Dana from Simply You and Me nominated
my blog TheVersatile Blogger award.
Isn't she the best!
I feel so honoured to have received this and she deserves a huge thank you!
You should definitely stop by and check out her blog, it's full of delicious looking
recipes like york peppermint patty brownies, they look divine!

Today I am passing on this award.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you
  2. Include a link to their site
  3. Include the award image in your post
  4. Give 7 random facts about yourself
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award
  6. When nominating, include a link to their site
  7. Let the other bloggers know they've been nominated.

1. I met my husband in France. I was in a cafe with some friends and all of a sudden some
random guy took my jacket and ran out with it. Needless to say I ran after him giving him
an earful....and the rest is history, I married the jacket stealer, hahaha!
2. When I was 17 did a summer job in a nappy/sanitary towels factory. This was in the days before sanitary towels came individually wrapped and my task was to put the disposal bags in each pack. VERY interesting and important job! Hmmmm.
3. I have a BIG and irrational fear of spiders, especially those big black ones.
Tears, screams and pee pee pants come as a result of seeing them.
4. I love baking and decorating the kids birthday cakes. My most favourite cake was the one
I did for my daughters 5th birthday, it was rainbow coloured inside. 
5. I can spend ALL day in home and decoration shops. In my mind I am
constantly redecorating my house. Wish my wallet would be as excited as
my mind about decorating!
6. I wear lenses, without them I wouldn't see a single thing.
7.  When I was 18 I drove into a house...during driving lessons!! 

OK, over to the interesting part of this post, the part where I get to nominate
15 other fabulous blogs, and I mean FABULOUS, you should check each one of these out!

        1.Amy- Sweet Home Santa Barbara
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13.Cassie- Two in Diapers
14.Witha- Up Close and Personal
15.Rachel- Lists from the Heart

Wow, there we go.
Fifteen wonderful ladies and their wonderful blogs.
They truly deserve this award.
Have a great week my friends


Summer is here!

My little Emily on holiday in Spain 2007

Yesterday was the first day of summer.
I LOVE summer.
Beautiful sunny days, green leafy trees, berries growing on bushes,
grassy meadows, happy kids playing outside, vacations.

You can imagine my disappointment when I opened the curtains and
was greeted by a grey, rainy, thundery morning.

Hmmm, not my idea of summer at all.
What to do on a day like that?
Why bake cookies of course.
These were so easy to make as they dough came ready made. All I had to do was roll balls, stick some chocolate on top and bake.

Dylan the cookie monster

I smeared some peanut butter on top my cookie...
Oh yes and it was heavenly!

While I am on the subject of cookies I have to show you these

We made these a few years back. Dylan was in his Ben 10 phase judging by the t-shirt
we made him. No idea why I was wearing see through pants and Simon was naked. Hahaha.

I just love making gingerbread people.
 Definitely something I'll be doing again soon.

Oh, and before I finish this post I want to say a huge thank you to
who awarded me the Versatile blogger award

Isn't she the sweetest.
I'll have fun passing this on next week.

Until then, have a fantastic weekend.
Send some sunshine my way OK.

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Breaking dawn part two preview

Just came across this Breaking dawn part 2 trailer and just had to share.
I'm so looking forward to this.
Looks good doesn't it!


Ninety nine...here we go!

So yesterday I was browsing Amy's blog and I came across
this fun idea that I thought I would do today.
99 things I might or might not have done (yet).
Ready for this
here we go!

                                                                               1. Started your own blog
          Oh yes, you are reading it right now :)

2. Slept under the stars
I went camping in my friends back garden when I was younger,
we slept in a tent....does that count?

3. Played in a band
No, haven't done that...only pretended to when I was little.
4. Visited Hawaii
How I would love to!! Hopefully one day.

5. Watched a meteor shower
Not sure, don't think I have.
6. Given more than you could afford to charity
I've given my fair share

7. Been to Disneyland
I've been to Disneyland Paris, such an amazing place!
Would love to visit the ones across the big pond though.

8. Climbed a mountain
We went on holiday to Austria a few years back and climbed
a different one every day

On top of the Dachstein mountain (it was so cold up there)
Another mountain climb in Austria

9. Held a praying mantis
My husband has. We lived in Gibraltar for a while and one day
he had one on his arm and brought it in to show the kids.
10. Sang a solo
I sang a few solo lines..

11. Bungee jumped
Erm NO and I don't think I EVER will.
Scared of heights.

12. Visited Paris
Yes, yes I have, I think I was about 14 or 15.
Even went up in the Eiffel tower :)

13. Watched a lightening storm
Several, the best ones were when we lived in Gibraltar and
when we were on holiday in Austria. To hear the thunder roll off
the mountains and then see giant lightnings is quite spectacular.
Storm in Gibraltar
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch
I learnt how to make birthday cakes like these all by myself
and I also used to make these little creatures out of polymer clay

15. Adopted a child
Have had thoughts about fostering a boy or girl in an
underdeveloped country

16. Had food poisoning
Luckily I haven't had this yet.

17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
One day.
18. Grown your own vegetables
I've grown cress out of and egg head once.
I've also tried to grow parsley and other herbs...not very successful.

19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France

20. Slept on an overnight train
Yes, went on a holiday to Switzerland when I was 15...on the
overnight train. So much fun and so nice to look out the window when
you wake up and see mountains.

21. Had a pillow fight
Who hasn't!

22. Hitch hiked
Haven't needed to do that yet. Honestly it would scare me, you
never know who you get in the car with.

23. Taken a sick day when you're not ill
Hmm, guilty! One sick day I travelled all the way from Belgium
to England...naughty!

24. Built a snow fort
I've watched my mister and the kiddies build one

25. Held a lamb
Not held one but I bottle fed one, so sweet!

 Ok, so I had to look for this photo and only realised we bottle fed goats and not lambs...my bad!

26. Gone skinny dipping

27. Run a marathon
One day I will do this. Have to get in the habit of running again first.
28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice
I went on a school trip to Venice when I was 18. I loved it and
would love to go again. Didn't go on a gondola back then, maybe next time.

29. Seen a total eclipse
I seem to remember there was an eclipse about 15 years ago,
can't really remember much about it.

30. Watched a sunrise or sunset
Sunset In Gibraltar, view from our balcony

31. Hit a home run
Never played base ball

32. Been on a cruise
Oh I sure would love to do that!
I used to be in the Belgian Navy, did I ever mention that before?
I love being at sea.

33. Seen Niagra Falls in person
No, but I've heard it's beautiful

34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
Gosh, my ancestors are from all over the place.
Belgium, France, UK and Germany.
I've visited all.

35. Seen an Amish community
I haven't

36. Taught yourself a new language
Not myself but I do know four languages

37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied
Yes, but then we spend it..on good things that satisfied us.

38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person

39. Gone rock climbing
No, only indoors and I was aching all over the next day!

40. Seen Michelangelo's David

41. Sung karaoke
Ah but yes, I believe I posted a photo earlier :)
Let me remind you again

42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant

44. Visited Africa
Been to Tunisia and Egypt

45. Walked on a beach by moonlight
While on holiday

46. Been transported in an ambulance
Unfortunately yes...I felt very awkward as well as I hadn't shaved my legs!

47. Had your portrait painted
I even have my own personal artist to do that, my daughter Emily

I just love my long fingers and flat feet! Hahaha.

Unfortunately I'm going to leave it at this for today as this is taking up
quite a bit of time. My kiddies would be disappointed if I'm not there
to pick them up from school.
But this has been fun so far no?
I'll continue this next week.



Awkward, me???

Cardigan, trousers, shoes: Next. Top: H&M

Posing for pictures is definitely NOT my strong point!
As soon as the lens is pointing at me I become all stiff and forced,
I get all uncoordinated, have no clue what to do with my hands, face or body
and the photo's that follow are usually hopeless.

I wish I could be as elegant as Katie, but then I don't have her long killer legs
and confidence in front of the camera.
Cori's photo's are always amazing, she's such a natural and she's so pretty. Really wish
I could be as photogenic as her!

With me, this is what you get

Awkward doesn't even begin to describe it!

Please please please all you fashion bloggers tell me your secrets so that for once I can post
a decent photo on this little blog of mine!

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