It's Friday, let's party!

Oh a party, how I wish I could go to one tonight,
or even better throw one myself!
One of those happy parties, thrown for no specific reason other than
to have fun and catch up with friends.
Let's have one shall we!

First, put on an outfit suitable for a garden party,
I'm wearing this tonight.

You like?
 Follow me into the garden,
as you can see I have it all set up, just for you.
Not bad eh!
Now I know you are thirsty so why don't you grab yourself some drinks.

Don't they look goooood! Took me all afternoon to prepare
you know, so drink up.

Hungry for a snack?
Try some of these

what about some cakes, come one...I know you want some!
Now these are my little masterpieces...had me up all night making them so
you better enjoy!

Oh look, it's getting darker I'll turn on some garden lights

and I'll reveal the evening entertainment plan
Looks cosy doesn't it, I'm so glad I have the perfect tree in my garden to hang
those lanterns from.

And let me just show you another corner in my garden, incase a movie isn't your thing

Tadaaa, just for you! I'm sure you will enjoy.

Getting  a bit chilly, well let's sit around the fire pit table
Oh isn't this heavenly.
You know what, I'm starting to get a bit sleepy...guess I'm all partied out.
Time for you to go home now.
Thanks so much for coming.
Your place next week OK!

all images can be found on my Pinterest

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Christi said...

Thanks for entertaining this week. I may have to steal your idea and invite you over next week. I am stopping in from the blog hop and am your newest follower. Happy Friday.

Amy said...

Haha this is such a cute post! The party looks lovely :)

Anissa said...

Loved the post...cute blog! (Following from Aloha Hop)
Anissa from Chasing Hailey

Jessica Lyness said...

Ideal partay! Want to follow each other love?

Beauty Asylum

homemaker-mom.com said...

Loved the blogs post! Inspiring! I am now following you and also stopped by form Aloha blog hop! This is fun!

Clairejustine said...

Love this post,thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend hop :)

Rachel Heslop said...

Your party was great :) x

Christi said...

Daisy this is a special invite for tomorrows 4th of July party over here at The Chapters of Our Lives. It should post at 6am on 7/4/12 Centeral Time. Stop in when you can for I have you as a special guest.